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Our Laundromat in Joondalup, Perth


Laundromat Perth WA“What a great place, I love the huge maxi load washer. With a family of 6 People and one cat. I was able to do a weeks washing in 2 loads , 30 mins each load. This freed up my weekend. Wahoo!!! I now follow them on Facebook! Thumbs up to the owners!”


“What a friendly place, great local people to talk too. All new equipment and such a clean and tide place. I have never seen FREE detergent and softener supplied for using the washers. The whole experience of using this laundromat was so easy and delightful. I will be telling all our friend’s about this place. Keep up the good work and well done to the owners”


“All new front load washers and dryers, i did my weeks washing for $15 in the maxi load washer, I took 30 mins, only and FREE DETERGENT AND SOFTENER was included. I’m a regular now.”


“By far the best laundromat I have ever seen and used while travelling around Australia. Plenty of free parking for caravans,trucks,cars, etc. We are from Brisbane, QLD. The friendly staff on site was a pleasure to talk with. The cost was cheap and included free detergent and softener for every wash. I would recommend this place on your travels.”


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