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Perth Laundromat Low Prices

Self Service Laundromat Pricing | Perth  WA

 Free Quality Detergent and Softener included in every Wash

Choose from large, extra large, maxi or mega front load washing machines

  • Large washer             9kg    $6
  • Extra large washer  14kg   $10
  • Maxi Washer           23kg   $15
  • Mega Washer          27kg   $18

Wash cycle approx 30 minutes

Maxi and Mega Washers are great for washing blankets, donas, curtains, pillows etc.

Fast drying Extra Large Dryers

  • $1  for 7 minutes
  • $2 for 14 minutes
  • Average load costs approx  $ 5  to dry  (35 min)

Please remember to remove hooks from curtains before placing in machines!

Enjoy more savings by purchasing a Loyalty WashCard

Coin Change machine accepts notes only ($5, $10, $20) and dispenses $1 coins

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