covid 19 prevention

COVID-19 Precautions

We would like to reassure all our customers that in line with the current COVID-19 Situation we are taking extra precautions as preventative measures.  These include:

  • Extra cleaning of all surfaces
  • Temporary removal of magazines as these can carry virus

We use a quality Washing Detergent which includes a sanitizer and we clean with Citrosan which is a hospital grade disinfectant.

Wash temperatures:

  • 80 degrees Hot Wash
  • 65 degrees Warm Wash
  • 30 degrees Cold Wash

The A1 Quality difference is that our wash cycles include a 10 minute wash and 3 rinses to get the best possible results.

We would ask our customers to respect the new guidelines regarding Social Distancing and if you feel unwell please stay at home.